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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a gun battle between four people in richmond ends with three people dead. what police are trying to find out about the men found dead in the house. >> it was dark. it was a smell of diesel, the burning fuel on your body. >> new details of a disaster at sea. a bay area survivor that fishing boat accident off the coast of mexico describes what happened. and still suffering from a massive earthquake and tsunami in march. major earthquake strikes japan. good evening. richmond police have a person in custody of interest in the shooting death of three men. their bodies were found late this afternoon in a home on triangle court in the city's iron triangle neighborhood. richmond where police aren't saying much about what happened.
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> that's right. this iron triangle neighborhood is still an active crime scene. three men shot to death in this house here behind me. police released the names of two of the victims. 36-year-old michael anderson who lived in this house and 19- year-old donte of oakland. police say they called off the search for any other suspect, but that's a little comfort to richmond residents who are facing another weekend of violence. this boy in the gray hat mourns the loss of his brother, one of three young men killed at this public housing complex early this evening. >> many thought the one suspect shot and killed everybody and that's not the case. >> captain mark of the richmond police department was tight lipped on details of this is an open case, they have one person of interest who is in custody and who does not have a history of violence. >> what we are saying is we have with the three people here, we have everybody involved in the situation. >> that's a little comfort to residents like this woman in white. her daughter was killed in
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richmond in 2008. she wouldn't talk on camera, but she says they are tired of the killing and that quote, they need help referring to the richmond police department. >> we have seen a will the of strides in the last three years to where we had a 60% reduction in homicides last year and when things like this happen, we had several shootings and another incident. it's a reminder that the potential is there. >> now as for this case, police don't know why the three men were at anderson's house and they are still waiting to find out what may have caused the gun battle. they are hoping this suspect is the person of interest will help provide those answers. ann. >> thank you very much. the u.s. coast guard completed its fifth search for a missing fisherman in mexico sea of cortez today. this is video of the search. the coast guard canvassed more than a thousand square miles today alone, but no signs of the seven people from northern california still missing since sunday when their boat sank.
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the agency searched more than 3,000 square miles of ocean and land since last monday. and today we heard from another survivor of the fishing trip tragedy. charles gibson is from the bay area. he's now sharing his heroing experience with us. he described what happened after being knocked into the water without a life jacket. >> a lot of chaos, because it was pitch black. the ship went down and it was dark. it was the smell of diesel, the burning fuel on your body. not knowing where you were. >> gibson said he watched the ship sink and described it as being like the titanic. 19 fisherman from california are among the survivors. mexican authorities asked the u.s. coast guard to continue searching for the missing tomorrow. checking on the bay area headline, golden gate ferry riders won't be seeing ticket riders anymore. the bridge district is eliminating seven full-time positions. tickets will be available from vending machines until a month
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ago. special tickets to at&t park will be sold by agents at the ballpark and online. new hope tonight for the santa cruz harbor badly damaged by the march tsunami thanks to a $1.4 million grant, there are 57 new jobs available. a position repairing tsunami damage could be yours. officials are taking applications. the work is temporary. lasting a few months and pay up to $12,000. and today is the first day of the oakland police department's reorganization. the idea to deal with higher crime with fewer officers. the changes no motorcycle officers have been shifted to patrol cars. also 15 sergeants will be moved into patrol. the department is splitting coverage of the city into two geographic regions instead of three. police in east palo alto managed to get dozens of guns off the streets without leaving the station. ann on what police say was a
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successful gun buyback. >> this man came to the gun buyback in east palo alto for two reasons. cash and conscious. >> i'm here to do the right thing. >> he's turning in two handguns. >> somebody owed me something. >> so they gave you guns? >> as collateral. >> now the guns are in police custody, no questions asked. each gun exchanged for a $100 gift card. though many here are worth much more than that. >> do you know how much it's worth? >> i think it's about $600. >> and you are turn ting in for $100. >> why? >> no use for it. it's right there in the garage sitting. >> i wanted it removed in a proper way. that was the more important thing. >> 20 rifles. >> but this man drove an hour from concorde just to cash in on an old rifle that doesn't even work. >> hey, i can get $100 for it, that's about $99 more than it was worth. >> do you feel as if your program might be taken advantage of? >> no.
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when somebody shows up with 50 guns and they are all fairly working, maybe i'll consider that. a guy from concord, absolutely not. >> and the guns they have seen turned in, a wide range from simple handguns to semi- automatic military style rifles. now they'll all be burned. the program funded by city money has been in place for three years. it was inspired by an accidental shooting that killed a two-year-old. >> we are not expecting all the bad guys to turn in their guns. >> is there a magazine to go with it? >> they want fewer of them around. >> why are you getting rid of them? >> i don't need them. cbs 5. and police tell us people turned in 75 guns today. a magnitude 7.1 quake hit japan in the same area devastated by a quake and tsunami in march. the quake struck just before 10:00 sunday morning. it was on the pacific ocean off
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the main island. residents were warned to evacuate, but no immediate reports of damage or injury. workers at the nuclear power plant crippled in the march plant and were evacuated. but the initial waves were small, there's no sign of further damage to the plant. defense secretary leon panetta believes the defeat of al-qaeda is quote, within reach. panetta isic maaing his first visit to afghanistan as pentagon chief. he met with general david patraeus who is stepping down as u.s. commander. panetta said osama bin laden's death has been a tremendous blow to al-qaeda. former first lady betty ford will be remembered at two services next week. she died yesterday at the age of 93. scott looks back at her life and her influence. >> born elizabeth ann bloomer
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in 1918. she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and she studied under martha graham. she earned a spot in graham's dance troop, but her mother pressured her to leave the group and new york in 1941. she got a job back home in grand rapids. performed in her own dance troop, married and divorced her first husband, and then met a young lawyer named gerald ford. they married in 1948 just weeks before ford was elected to his first term in congress. ford rose to be republican house minority leader while she stayed in the background and raised their four children. just as they were ready to retire, an accident of history put them in the white house. in 1973, vice president agnu resigned and gerald ford was named to replace him.
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when president nixon also resigned less than a year later, gerald ford became the 38th president of the united states. the new first lady was not intimidated by the public spotlight. she was vocal about women's issues. she supported the supreme court's ruling on row versus wade which made abortion legal and supported the equal rights amendment. she openly discussed her breast cancer and mastectomy. after they left the white house in 1977, betty ford faced another health crisis. >> my family saw the problem and they got professional help to come in and help them do what we refer to as an intervention. >> she had become addicted to both painkillers and alcohol. after her successful treatment, she opened the betty ford center in california to treat others with drug and alcohol addiction. the couple spent much of the
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rest of their lives together and out of the public spotlight. but the nation saw her again during the state funeral for former president ford, her husband of 58 years. through it all, betty ford faced the challenges of life with the grace and poise of a dancer. scott pele, cbs news, new york. well deeply divided but it must get done. >> both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> the advice for negotiators on raising the nation's borrowing limit before the government defaults on its loans. and the space shuttle comes to an end, uncertainty for thousands of employees. what's make ting so hard for them to find other work? a thick marine layer is starting to build off the coast and wind speeds are starting to kick up. i have your details pinpoint forecast. closed captioning is brought to you by a san
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francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow president obama meets with congressional leaders to negotiate a deal that will keep the nation from defaulting on its debts. but tonight republican leader john boehner said he's only willing to negotiate a deficit reduction package of about $2 trillion. that's instead of the $4 trillion in cuts the white house is pushing. still susan tells us the president is optimistic. >> earlier this week -- >> the president was optimistic addressing the american people on saturday that the white house and congress can agree on a budget plan. >> i know we can do this. we can meet our fiscal challenge. that's what the american people sent us here to do. >> but both sides know they
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remain far apart with congressional leaders digging in on taxes and government programs. >> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seniors and working families. >> democrats want nearly $300 billion in tax hikes on wealthy americans. they worry about social security, medicare, and medicaid. programs republicans are willing to cut as they refuse to budge on taxes. >> tax hikes on families and job creators only make things worse. >> a budget agreement is critical to raising the nation's borrowing limit. many believe if a deal is not reached by august 2, the consequences could be catastrophic. >> including government default on obligations to bondholders, government contractors and social security checks. republican senator david vitter gave advice to negotiators. >> be imaginative to lay out the case strongly about why we need growth and growth can
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produce more revenue, new revenue. that's an important part of the solution. but that's a whole lot different than hiking up taxes on folks. >> the president says while the two sides are divided, they do agree it's time to get a deal done. >> both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> whether that's enough to lead to a budget deal on sunday remains to be seen. susan for cbs news, new york. >> near record time, that's how quickly nasa officials say space shuttle astronauts completed their tasks today. they used the shuttle's robot arm to inspect the shuttle's heat shield for possible launch damage. so far, atlantis does not have minor glitches. the worse problem, the crew could not find an i chart for a vision test. something that caused a chuckle among ground controllers. atlanta's four person crew is expecting to dock tomorrow. even before the atlantis returns to earth, all across this country pending layoffs
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launched thousands of nasa workers into uncertainty. mark on the former employees already struggling to find work. >> we are there with you now. >> aboard atlantis, they are the final four. the last four shuttle astronauts. a bittersweet mission and milestone for nasa employees. he has developed nasa space suit for almost 50 years. >> it's not a one person activity. this is represented team work of folks. >> now the team is breaking up. from texas to florida, more than 9,000 shuttle jobs are going away. clear lake, texas, home of the johnson space center has already taken a hit. new jobs are scarce. >> frustrating. >> glenn lost his shuttle job. he is part of nasa's brain drain. a 55-year-old mechanical engineer prowling this jobs expo. >> most companies are not interested in hiring somebody
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-- >> out of the business. we are advocating. >> jean was the last man to walk on the moon in 1972. he and other apollo astronauts, neil armstrong and jim recently wrote that america's space program is falling in substantial disarray with no clear cut mission. >> there's no objective. there's no timetable. there's no goal and there's no mission. >> but garrett sees hope for space travel's future in private city. so the former astronaut quit nasa to help a california company design the shuttle successor. >> promises of science fiction of the 1960s and 50s of taking vacations on mars. we can get there if this works out. that's what is so exciting. >> most employees will have a much harder time finding work. this year at the johnson space center alone, 1100 jobs will disappear. mark, cbs news, houston. let's check in with erica
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martin. >> it's looking cooler. as we take a look outside, we can't see much. the moon is 72%. we are seeing some clouds making their way into the forecast region, certainly some fog as well for much of the forecast region. here's a look at our satellite image. that is certainly a thing of the past. we have an on shore delta flow that is starting to kick up. all those winds and pushed that marine layer inland. it is digging on deep and what does that mean? an increase in cloud cover and possibly some light drizzle for the forecast region as far as the coast is concerned and that is because that trough is going to dig on down and really just squeeze out any moisture that may be abundant in those clouds. as we take a look at what we can expect, high 50s into high 80s, but we are trending below average. 52 for san francisco and redwood city. fremont, you're expected overnight low 53 degrees. as we take a look at what we can expect. we have 60 for daily city.
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80 for san jose. morgan hill just a bit warmer. 83. i'm sure you will take it. richmond 66 and berkeley 67 degrees. these are certainly well below average and due to that low pressure system that is working it way into the forecast region. your expected high and 81 for napa. we have these trend as far adds the temperature goes due to that low pressure system working its way into the forecast region. we can see here that we will see cooler temperatures for the next couple of days. we are going to see 70s and tap out in the 70s for the inland regions on tuesday and wednesday. and thursday rather. by friday into saturday, we are going to see warmer temperatures. so we do have a bit of a cooldown, drizzle, and a warmup. we certainly have a couple days for that. >> not even in the 90s. >> it was really hot last week, now below average. >> thank you erica. all right, do you think you have to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding dress?
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a little creativity could win you a thousand bucks and that's what the winner of the 7th annual toilet paper wedding dress contest took home. the winner seen here on the right was designed by susan brennan of michigan. she used four rolls of toilet paper, hotglue and packing tape. laura lee designed the ruffled number in the center. her design won $500. well next, the star studded party for the royal couple in los angeles. and rhode island rihanna ends her concert early because of a fire. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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you're looking at video shot from a cell phone at the american airlines center. witness say the fire you see here - rihanna's concert was canceled. you are looking at video shot from a cell phone. witnesses say the fire that you see here appears to be started by pyrotech nicks that were part of the show. the concert and frustrating fans that were upset that rihanna took the stage more than an hour late. no injuries reported. rihanna vows to return to
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dallas in the future. well another busy day. glamorous night nor the royal couple in southern california. prince william and his wife, katherine, were at the academy for television and art. >> the crowd waited for hours to catch a glimpse of prince william and wife katherine, erupting in cheers as they arrived at the theater. it was a chance for real royalty and hollywood royalty to meet. a who's who in tinsel town turned out for the black tie affair. >> forget all the hollywood names. >> how do you do? how are you, what's up? >> the duke and duchess are promoting british talent here in the u.s. >> magic happens. let's continue the winning formula. >> it was a glamorous evening after a day of play for a good cause. >> benefiting prince william
10:23 pm
and prince harry's foundation. his wife watched from the sidelines. his royal highness led his team to victory. katherine presented her husband's team with the winner's trophy from tiffany. their california tour wraps up sunday with a visit to a nonprofit academy in l.a. skid row and the job fair for u.s. veterans. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. tim lincecum tries to win his final start before the all- star break and derek jeter becomes the first yankee to ever reach 3,000 hits. that's next.
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second to do it on a home run... bill, start the derek jeter became the 28th player to ever reach 3,000 hits, but only the second to do it on a home run. bill start the clock. >> deep to left field, going back, looking up, see ya. 3,000, history with an exclamation point. and giants and mavs extended his hitting streak to 20 games. tim lincecum picks up his seventh win as the giants beat the mets 3-1. the a's were one out away from a win in texas, but josh hamilton turns on andrew bailey's fastball. the rangers win 7-6. the a's are now 11 games out of first. women's u.s. open leads by one stroke, but thanks to more rain, they have 36 holes to play. nascar kyle busch took the
10:27 pm
checked flag at the first ever sprint cup race. and japan knocked off host germany $1 million in the world cup quarter finals. it was germany's world cup loss since 1999. right after jeter hit that hit, now the talk is about the fans. >> the fan is a young man in his early 20s and he is a cell phone salesman. he gave the ball back to jeter. wanted him to have it. he could have sold the ball for millions of dollars. >> really? i would think. the bonds ball sold for $350,000. to yankee fans, that's a big deal, plus they want it in cooper's town. i can imagine he did the right thing by giving him the ball back. but he is taking a lot of heat for it. >> some are saying he should have cashed in. >> he wanted the ball to go back to the proper owner and good for him. >> it's nice to see that. >> that's it for eyewitness news at 10:00.
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so much sports that we are going to give that time to you at 11:00 on cbs 5. join us then. half an hour. good night. and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
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